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Subscribe to Anchor Data Systems official You Tube Channel to find a wealth of information and exclusive video content on a host of our latest products. Videos include promotional material direct from the manufacturer as well as several original feature videos by yours truly. These promotional videos offer potential customers the opportunity to gain a more indepth understanding of our product range and often shows the actual item being used in everyday scenarios.

There are also several instructional/demonstration videos providing useful tips and ideas to help business owners plan the type of systems they require and the best way to integrate them into their current setup before making any firm decisions. The Anchor Data Systems You Tube Channel is an invaluable way to further explore our product range in addition to our online brochures and documentation. To view Anchor Data Systems official You Tube Channel please visit: ADS You Tube Channel Page.

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Simply “add us”, share one of our posts or link us into one of your circles to automatically receive live updates direct to your computer or smartphone – it’s free, so why not give it a try? To view Anchor Data Systems official Google+ (Google Plus) Page please visit: – Find Out More Details on Our Sam4s Products

Sam4s is a massive global organisation and also the EPOS wing of Samsung Electronics. It is currently the worldwide market leader when it comes to the manufacture of Cash Registers as well as a host of other point of sale equipment and software, ranging from Touch Screen Computers, Receipt Printers, and Customer Displays. To navigate to the Sam4s Homepage, please feel free to click on the following link: or the image just to the right. You’ll discover a host of information direct from the manufacturer related specifically to Sam4s products and peripherals, including downloadable PDF brochures, the latest market and product news, and also some details of Sam4s company marketing events. If you would like us to send you details of any product you see on the website please let us know by emailing or calling 028 9074 0315.

Vision Asset Finance: Leasing/Finance Assistance

Does your business need a new Cash Register or EPOS System but you simply can’t afford to buy it outright? Perhaps you’re a new start and find yourself coming up against brick walls at every turn when trying to acquire a little finance to get things moving. Never fear – you’re not the only one!

Fortunately, we at Anchor Data Systems along with our preferred finance leasing partner, Vision Asset Finance have the solution. You may be surprised at just how easy it is for us to secure Leasing/Financial assistance to help you either purchase your equipment outright or rent it over an agreed period that suits you, even if you’ve been turned down by other leasing companies or even your own bank. With leasing you make small, manageable monthly payments whilst preserving your business capital and VAT, minimising any potential risk. We even sort out all the paperwork!

There are many benefits to leasing and an increasing number of businesses are opting for it. For instance, did you know you can claim 40% of the cost of your lease as a rebate on your tax bill, meaning you pay less overall for your goods than if you bought them outright. If interested, simply contact us on 028 9074 0315 or email

Bleep Computing: Professional POS Retail Software

Bleep Computing was founded in 1984, and almost 30 years on and several thousand clients later, their retail software continues to lead the way for all types of new and expanding businesses. Large chain store clients with over 800 POS Terminals trust Bleep experience when it comes to expertise, support, and reliability. Feel free to visit Bleep online by clicking here. You’ll find a host of additional information on Bleep’s powerful back office Retail Control software as well as their front end POS Control package.

Bleep’s sales staff are readily available if you’d like to chat about how their unique solution, who uses it, and how it could help enhance your business model, whether it’s retail, fashion, wholesale or gift aid. They can also offer advice about linking you website to form an all-in-one system. As Bleep’s official distributor for all-Ireland, we offer a retail software solution more powerful, more versatile, and more efficient than any other package available on the local market. For more specific details please contact our Sales Team on (028) 9074 0315 or click here to email us.

Invest NI: FREE Advice & Financial Support for New Businesses

Invest NI is an invaluable resource for any Northern Irish based business, whether you have been established over a number of years or even if you’re the new kid on the block. Over the last few years Anchor Data Systems have worked alongside both new and existing clients to ensure funding support from Invest NI for a range of hardware and software EPOS equipment to enable growth outside the NI marketplace and also to enhance business operations within it. Often with our assistance, many customers can obtain up to 40% of their overall system costs which can literally amount to thousands of pounds worth of free financial support. Grants are readily available for exporting, research and development, and improving efficiency. If you are thinking of approaching Invest NI with a view to expanding your business or just starting one, contact us first on 028 9074 0315 or by emailing We may be able to offer you handy advice before you make your approach which could be the difference as to whether or not you secure that essential funding.

Federation of Small Businesses: The UK’s Leading Business Organisation

Most of our customers would be classed as small business owners, or at least they started out out that way. With the economy currently being as it is, business owners need all the help and support they can get their hands on. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) provides that support in abundance, and at it’s core aims to promote the needs of small business in every aspect to ensure rapid economic recovery and local growth.

At Anchor Data Systems we would recommend joining the FSB to ensure you make the most of all the benefits that are available as a small business. These benefits include: Small Business Rates Relief and Workplace Disputes Resolution processes, Tax, Banking, Pension and Legal Advice and Cover.

If you are a new startup or even an established company, the FSB can offer you invaluable opportunities to expand your business by meeting with other like minded entrepreneurs and potential customers. Go to the FSB (Northern Ireland) Website.