Anchor Data Systems offer Rental and Leasing options to help customers get the equipment they want at a price that suits.

Perhaps your business needs a new Cash Register or EPOS System but you simply can’t afford to buy it outright? Maybe you’re a new start and find yourself coming up against brick walls at every turn when trying to acquire a little finance to get things moving. Never fear – you’re not the only one!

Fortunately, we at Anchor Data Systems along with our preferred finance leasing partner, Vision Asset Finance have several solutions. You may be surprised at just how easy it is for us to secure Leasing/Financial assistance to help you either purchase your equipment via leasing or rent it over an agreed period that suits you, even if you’ve been turned down by others, even your own bank.

What is the difference between Renting and Leasing?

Put simply, when you rent, you borrow the equipment although it will ultimately always belong to the supplier. Regular payments are made directly to the supplier for an agreed period. With Leasing, after the lease period is successfully completed you will own the equipment outright. Regular payments are made directly by you to the finance company who pay the supplier upfront for the total cost of the equipment.

Rent vs Lease – The Benefits:         

Key Features & Benefits: Rental Leasing
Once the Rent/Lease is complete do I own the equipment?
Once the final Leasing payment is made you will completely own all the equipment. When renting the equipment is returned to the supplier.
Will the equipment I Rent/Lease be new? Optional Optional
This is optional. If you prefer to go for new equipment the cost will reflect your choice.
Is Staff Training included in the overall cost?
Yes. Fully staff training including notes and user manuals will be provided regardless of whether you choose to Rent or Lease.
Is Setup and Programming included in the overall cost?
Yes. Initial setup, programming and delivery is included for each option *
Is Support/Warranty included in the overall cost?
Yes. Rentals are covered throughout. Leasing customers are covered for the first year and can opt for further cover if desired.
Can I upgrade my equipment during the Rent/Lease?
Yes. At any stage during your Rent or Lease you can opt to upgrade your equipment and add additional items.
Are there any Tax Benefits to Renting/Leasing?
You can claim 40% of the cost of your Lease as a rebate on your tax bill, meaning you pay less for your goods than if you bought them outright.
Are there any other economic benefits to Renting/Leasing?
Maximise your budget whilst preserving capital. Your business gets the latest equipment for a low, manageable, monthly fee.

* Limitations apply for setup and programming in regard to product/screen creation. Please contact the Sales team for full details. 

All Leasing and Rental deals include free initial setup and programming (product/screen limitations apply), delivery and installation, staff training, and support for an agreed period (On-Site/Telephone/Online – parts included). Some leasing customers opt for cover throughout the entire leasing period whereas others may prefer to have cover for one year then decide whether to opt for a separate annual maintenance contract. At the end of the rent you will be expected to hand back the equipment, although in most occasions we will usually accept reasonable offers if you wish to hold onto it. Often customers prefer to hand the equipment back and enter into another rental agreement to ensure they are consistently using the latest technology available.
Free quotes, brochures, and demos (at your premises or ours, or via online) are readily available anytime upon request by clicking on the Contact button below and filling out the enquiry form. If you want to proceed with a Leasing Application you can do so by clicking here or downloading a Finance Application Form.

Further details including costs and terms are available by contacting our Sales Team on
028 9074 0315 or by filling out the enquiry section when you click the contact us button