Dynamic Screen Setup

Adding new products or specials to a touch screen system can be tedious. Firstly creating the product information and then assigning it to the relevant screen. We understand how time consuming this can be so have ‘lightened the load’.

With the ADS Touch ‘Dynamic Screen’ feature all you need to do is create the product, assign it to a category. i.e. Starters, Mains, Desserts etc. and ADS Touch will do the rest.

With menu rotation its’ easy to activate or deactivate product lines and again our dynamic screen technology will update the screen ‘real time’, instantly making the product saleable.

Our totally flexible widget location, multiple dynamic screens can be implemented so for example all food menus could be allocated to a section of the touchscreen and drinks could be allocated to a different section of the screen.

For multi-terminal sites it makes sense to standardise the configuration throughout the business.  With terminals’ carrying out different functions such as bar or front desk operation, It’s simple to tailor a terminal to it’s actual function.

Alternatively, different members of staff may be assigned to certain tasks, therefore their initial screen can be tailored to their particular job function.

All this functionality is built-in to ADS Touch, designed specifically for the hospitality industry for fast and efficient operation. Increasing accuracy, speed of operation and customer retention.