Similar to any modern business, staff will come and go or simply become a little rusty when it comes to dealing with software.

There are so many packages out there that deal with every aspect of your business, it’s unrealistic that bad practice wont eventually creep in, resulting in poor performance and deficiency. However, there is a solution which means this does not have to happen, and your business does not need to suffer unnecessarily.

We now offer additional training for our complete range of Software packages (ADS-Touch, ADS Cloud-Office, CES Software, Bleep Computing, and SamStock). Tutorials are available on-site or at our premises depending on which you prefer. You will receive not only general training covering the basics, but you will also delve into areas and practices specifically related to your business. Complete tutorial notes will be provided during the seminar for your convenience.

Occasionally clients are interested in a specific area of their software that relates to their company or sector, or perhaps simply an area where they have identified a weakness. They will then ask us to design a training seminar that will cover particular topics and practices to enhance staff performance in that area.

Our premises are wheelchair friendly and conveniently located beside the Cityside Mall / Yorkgate Shopping Complex, close to where the Westlink meets the M2. Light refreshments and free parking are available. For details of exactly what each course covers, to make a booking, or perhaps just get a quick quote, please contact us on (028) 9074 0315.

Further details including costs and terms are available by contacting our Sales Team on 028 9074 0315 or by filling out the enquiry section when you click the contact us button