Point Of Service For Cafe’s


ADS Touch POS software has a vast array of features which have the cafe shop owner at heart. To keep the coffee flowing, ADS Touch is fast and efficient with ease of use and whats more is most cost effective again other lesser specification solution on the market.

Table Management

ADS Touch offers a high level of functionality when it comes to Table Management. From graphic representation of table layout, split billing, table merging, tab transfers to table and all the functionality of table management you would expect. ADS Touch can also be operated on Windows tablets for order at table operations.
With up to 6 management files you can utilise these for different sections of your restaurant, room management or simple customer accounts.

Dynamic Screens

Spending time creating new products or specials? ADS Touch “Dynamic Screen” feature takes the heartache out of adding new items to the keyboard. With “Dynamic Screens” all you need to do is create the product and ADS Touch will automatically add it to the relevant product screen. So, if you have a new starter add the new product to the “starters” category and it will auto appear in the “Starters” screen.

Customer Loyalty.

It’s just as important to retain customers as well as finding new ones. The combination of ADS Touch & ADS Cloud Office makes it easy to manage customer information and promote your business by offering loyalty points, price level discount or cashless (members clubs etc). Whichever one of your establishements your customer visits you can be assured that the information is available at the point of service.

Multiple Sizes

Dealing with multiple sizes as part of your inventory process can be a headache. ADS Touch deals with this most effectively by offering multiple sizes and prices per product. Typically coffee is sold in small, medium & large measures so ADS Touch allows you to factor in the relevant quantity to deduct stock accordingly.


We know that providing customers with varied promotional offers is a fundimental part of everyday business, but sometime difficult to achieve on your current POS solution. That’s why ADS Touch has a full suite of promotional algorithms built in. Whether you are doing a simple 3 for 2 offer or combination meal deals, ADS Touch offers a complex range of promotional options. You can even schedule promotions to work on certain days or time and tailor customer display advertisements to work in conjunction with the promotions

Kitchen Order Printing

For fast, accurate and efficient food order processing, expedite ADS Touch’s order process features. We understand that food prep points open and close during the day that’s why ADS Touch provides scheduled options to re-route kitchen order printing to alternative printer’s within the system. Free text, condiment and cooking instructions are printed as part of the order.

Microplus Kitchen Video.

A powerful way to speed up service to your Customers and increase employee productivity From Microplus Inc. – A pioneer in developing standalone kitchen video systems utiliziing state-of-the-art technology comes the Ultimate Video family of controllers. The Ultimate Video provides your kitchen staff with easy to read, color enhanced product orders. The system provides powerful tools to help increase customer service and employee productivity, while helping to reduce waste.

Caller ID

A must for any busy take-away shops. Connect this device to your telephone line and let ADS Touch display the customer who is calling before you take the call. This device not only speeds up the order process but instills a professional image to your customers. A low cost device that add’s value you to your business time after time.

Stock Count Down

The stock count down features provides the waiter/waitress with up to the second information about the number of menu items currently available. Ideally suited to higher value or limited menu items such as lobster and steaks etc. Once the count reaches zero then you have the option to not process anymore orders for that item. Stock count down should be up dated at the start of session to ensure accurate availablity.

ADS Cloud Office.

Complete your Point-Of-Service solution with our very own Cloud based Back-Office solution. Where ever you are in the world you can manage and monitor all your restaurants on any PC or Tablet, whether it be Windows, IOS or Android The opening dashboard provides you with key sale information at the touch of a button or altenatively create new menu item, changes prices, check stock or produce more detailed reports. ADS Cloud Office is your hub to control all of your restaurants from one “easy to use” central point.

Integrated Payments.

ADS Touch interfaces to a number of key card payment provider’s, such as Paymentsense, WorldPay, Sage Pay and Veriphone. Choose from counter top or mobile wireless device for “Pay At Table” table operations reducing the bottle neck at the point of service. You select the device and provider that best suites your business.

Online takeaway meal ordering is rapidly becoming a standard requirement for takeaways, restaurants and caterers, with millions of customers ordering breakfasts, lunches and dinners online every month. Takeaway, delivery or eat in, Mobo2Go online ordering provides a simple, convenient way to order meals from your PC, smartphone or tablet and avoids your customers having to stand in a queue.  Orders placed on-line are ported through to ADS Touch automatically generating kitchen orders for kitchen prep.
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