Anchor Data Systems offers the following solutions to link your eCommerce Web Shop or eBay Store to an EPOS System using Bleep Computing’s cutting edge, high-end retail software.

Already in daily use throughout several reputable establishments based in the UK and Ireland, this tried and tested solution aims to address the issue of real-time stock-control between the ever-growing number of real-life retail outlets running separate successful eCommerce sites. No other local EPOS supplier currently offers a solution of this type.

Out-of-the-Box Solution | Recommended Option

The simplest way to link your EPOS System to a Web Shop is to use Bleep’s Out-of-the-Box Solution. Bleep along with their web development partners, Boundless Commerce offer a modern, fully customisable website template that has been tried and tested and is already in operation. You can view a live example site by clicking here. The eCommerce Website links seamlessly to Bleep’s Retail Control (Head Office) in virtual real-time, ensuring that stock and sales figures are always kept right up-to-date.The eCommerce site facilitates customisable options including logos, social media links, page descriptions, and multiple colour themes. Customers can choose to have product costs displayed in three currencies: GBP, USD, and Euros. Full support is readily available and hosting is included in the overall cost (domain extra). All product info is handled directly from Bleep’s Head Office Software ensuring the entire operation is simplified and there is less room for potential mistakes including duplication and data redundancy.

Link to an Existing Website

If you already have an existing eCommerce Web Site or eBay Store, we can offer support and guidance to enable your web designer to make the necessary background changes to your shop structure, which will facilitate complete integration with Bleep’s Head Office. If you require extra support, our web design partners can provide hands on assistance for an additional fee upon request. Obviously, the main benefit to linking with an existing site is that you retain your current design theme and domain choice. This also leaves you free to chose your hosting partner plus merchant/gateway provider. For a current example of this type please visit

Once the changes have been made Bleep becomes the virtual hub of the entire operation, enabling you to create products, set prices, write descriptions, attach images and so on. The main benefit here is that you only ever manage your product file from the one location for both your EPOS System and your Web Store/eBay. This will dramatically cut down on the amount of time spent maintaining the whole operation as well as ensuring more accurate results. As time progresses, the development team at Bleep intend to create additional links to other popular platforms such as Amazon’s Marketplace. We will keep you informed of these exciting developments in due course.

Alternative (Non-Integrated) Options

An alternative option to each of the above involves entering your web or eBay sales into your POS Software (Sentinel, ICR Touch etc) manually at the end of the day. This is a non-integrated method and will ultimately still keep your stock in check. Staff enter all web sales into the till as they would any normal transaction except instead of selecting “Cash” or “Card” as the payment type, they would select a button marked as “Web Sales”. This allows you to see exactly what has been sold via the web.
The main benefit to this method is that it costs nothing extra to set up. There are several potential drawbacks however that may make it unsuitable for some business types. Obviously, there is extra work involved when entering the web data into the system. This could mean lead to extra staff hours and costs. Stock data will be incorrect until it is updated at the end of each day. This is fine if you always have plenty of stock. However it does leave open the possibility that a customer may enquire about the quantity of a certain item only to be misinformed due to the delayed stock updating process. This aside, because this setup is non-integrated, there would be extra work involved reconciling the various separate accounts and multiple payment methods. Also, a greater margin of human error is always possible when using a non-integrated system.